About Me

Danielle Marchant

Danielle an international, board level executive coach, consultant and facilitator, with more than 18 years experience working with leaders in 20 different countries.  

Her clients include, amongst others, Tesco, HSBC, Unilever, Toll, Kraft, Husky, Vaillant, Mars, Sainsbury’s, Thomson-Reuters, Marks & Spencer, InterContinental Hotel Group.

Danielle’s unique approach blends her innate intuition and instinct, with provocative challenge.  A combination that can, and has, changed lives.

Away from work


I was once described as “mischief, heart and wisdom rolled into one…”  I think that sums me up nicely!  As all people are I am many things, sometimes contradictory sometimes complimentary.  I am gentle, calm and thoughtful.  I am nurturing and healing.  I am strong, fiery, sharp and challenging.  I am passionate about helping people ignite the fire within.

Away from coaching I have a thirst for new experiences and travel, and living in Asia for several years provided plentiful opportunities for this.  I find peace through meditation, yoga and beneath the oceans diving.  I have a creative streak that reveals itself through photography and writing.  I like simplicity and love walking on the cliff tops or moors that my home in the South West of England is blessed with.

My Favourite Things

What people say

“I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with Danielle, and hiring her as my coach has been one of the best investment decisions I have made – Danielle has helped me turn my life around and today I am doing something I love, but had never even considered doing and probably never would have if our paths hadn’t crossed.”
Coach – China

“Danielle is a wonderful coach if not the best coach I’ve had. She provided a safe space for me to work out what I was going through in my career at that time. She saw things in me that I didn’t even acknowledge myself that helped me gain confidence and clarity on my future direction. Because of her, I was able to gain strength in going through a difficult point in my career and was able to make the best possible decision for myself.”
HR Manager – Fonterra – Philippines

I came to Danielle without knowing my life was about to turn around 360°. I have made a huge leap, which I certainly would not have even know I should make, had it not been for Danielle’s valuable insights.”
Coach – China

“Danielle’s coaching meant that I followed through; more than that, she helped me build further to make some profound changes in the way I work and the way I feel about work.”
Associate Partner – McKinsey and Co – UK

“The coaching has significantly boosted my personal leadership journey. I have been unbelievably touched by the experience over the last couple of years of having someone so dedicated to my success, not just as a business leader but also as a human being. I have enormous gratitude for all the support I have received.”
Global Talent Manager – Royal Canin – France

“Danielle is a great visionary, and known for standing shoulder-to-shoulder alongside clients as they really stretch for what they want in their lives. Danielle is wise, humorous, and deeply empathic. No two sessions are the same. One of the very best.”
Osteopath – UK

“Danielle is an extraordinary coach. She gracefully led me through an exercise in self-discovery, listening to me and then pushing me tactfully to challenge my assumptions and to take a clear look at myself and my motivations.”
Editor – Thompson Reuters – Japan

“Danielle is clearly a master at what she’s doing.”
General Manager – Cadbury’s – Philippines

“She uses her experience in a very subtle way, giving you a sense that if there is an issue to be resolved, it will be done as a joint effort rather than a directive – she has a wonderful collaborative style.”
Coach – Thailand

She was an excellent coach, giving me great insights into my motivations and self-imposed barriers to improving my performance at work and also more broadly in my life. I heartily endorse Danielle as a coach and would be very happy to work with her again in future.”
General Manager & Finance Director – Cadburys – Singapore

“Danielle is a gifted coach with great listening and deep empathy. She is able to sense any subtle changes and help support learning. A great coach to other coaches.”
Coach – Hong Kong

“Danielle is passionate in what she does and strives to bring out the best in people, helping them to get to the answers that they need to reach their own goals and personal objectives. I hope to work with her again in the future.”
Senior Manager – Sainsbury’s – China

“Working with Danielle was an insightful, powerful and transformational experience. She helped me to evaluate all the areas in both my work and personal life so that I could be more focused and effective in my coaching practice and the priorities surrounding that. As a result, I have more clients and am just about to launch a new series of workshops with more participants than I have ever had before. I have also been invited to give several public talks about my work since. Being more focused and effective when I work, and seeing the benefits of that, has allowed me to take more time off, and find balance with the other aspects of my life, like my voluntary work and quality time with my loved ones. I highly recommend her as a coach, you would be very lucky to work with her.”
Coach – Singapore

“She has an amazing way to capture the essence of the coaching conversation allowing the client to reflect on key issues – this enabling transforms the individual’s thinking.”
Coach – China

“I found the coaching methodology very enriching and inspiring. I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge with me, for being patient, listening to my findings from the experiments and for challenging me to see things from a different perspective. I truly enjoyed your coaching sessions.”
Engineering Manager – Schlumberger – Singapore